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We met for the first time November 3rd, 2007

We spent less than an hour together the first time we met and I knew from your answer exactly what you meant. Do you remember the question I whispered in your ear? “Do you want to be Lady Guenevere?” You mischievously looked at me sideways and went back to your play and I hoped in my heart that you would be the one picked that day.

Michael Lamb and I looked at other puppies and when we were through he told me “The Brighton puppy is for you.” I spent the next week getting everything in order. I just couldn’t believe I was finally getting a daughter.

When I came back for you a week later you were just one of the pack. The girls weren’t sure which one to give me and put each one of you back. They held you aside unsure what to do but then I looked at your face and knew it was you.

There are a lot of hopes and dreams pinned on your puppy charms. You are the foundation of Kamelot Farms.

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